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The Key Laboratory of Continental Dynamics, Ministry of Land and Resources was founded in 1997, and is affiliated with the Institute of Geology, CAGS. It has 20 research staffs, among whom two are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. A number of prominent scholars both from China and abroad have been invited to join as adjunct professors or to serve as members of the Scientific Committee. The Scientific Committee is headed by Professor Tingdong Li, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Dr. Zhiqin Xu, also a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the Executive Director of KLCD.
KLCD hosts a number of advanced research facilities and instruments including Laser-Raman Spectrometer, SEM equipped with Spectrometer and EBSD, Core Scanners, High- efficiency Liquid and Gas phase chromometer, and X-ray power diffraction equipped with camera. The lab is also running a well equipped research base located in the Chinese Deep Scientific Drilling Project (CCSD) drilling site in Donghai, Jiangsu Province. It consists of labs for petrology, structural geology, and petrologic physics, an information and data center, a drilling core storage center, and a science museum.
The primary objective of KLCD is to advance current understanding of the physical and chemical processes responsible for continental subduction and collision. Our principle research interests are: (1) tectonics of ultrahigh pressure metamorphic belts and processes for deep subduction and recycling of continental materials; (2) plate boundary kinematics and collisional dynamics; (3) compositions and structures of the lithosphere and the interior of deep mantle; and (4) rheology of mantle materials.
Since the founding of KLCD, the research staffs have carried out more than ten prejects to pursue a wide variety of important geologic issues. We also have established long-standing collaborations with colleagues from France, German, USA, Japan, Canada, etc, and successfully organized and hosted several inter­national conferences, symposiums, and workshops. Ongoing projects include Chinese Deep Scientific Drilling Project-a National Key Projects in Science and Technology, one National 973 Project in Basic Science, several big projects funded by Chinese National Science Foundation, the Ministry of Land and Resources and Chinese Geological Survey. More than 300 papers, out of which tens are SCI papers, have been published in various scientific journals.





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