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 INDEPTH Workshop Convened in Beijing

On November 15th, 2011, the Workshop on International Deep Profiling of Tibet and Himalaya (INDEPTH) was convened in Beijing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the cooperation among scientists from China, United States, Germany and Canada in Project INDEPTH. Prof. Zhang Hongren, the past president of International Union of Geological Sciences(IUGS) and Past Vice-Minister of Former Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, Academician Li Tingdong, Academician Xu Zhiqin, and officials from National Natural Science Foundation of China, Department of Science and Technology & International Cooperation of Ministry of Land and Resources of China, Department of Science and Technology & Foreign Affairs of China Geological Survey, as well as Prof. Wang Xiaolie, Executive Vice-President of Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences(CAGS), Prof. Dong Shuwen, the Vice-President of CAGS, Prof. Wang Ruijiang, the Vice-President of CAGS, and Prof. Wu Zhenhan, the Vice-President of CAGS and more than 60 Chinese and foreign participants to the Project attended the Workshop.

The Workshop was co-chaired by Chinese principal investigator of project INDEPTH, Academician Zhao Wenjin from CAGS, and the chief international coordinator of the Project, Prof. Larry Brown from Cornell University. The presentation with the title of “Reviews and Prospects of INDEPTH” by Academician Zhao Wenjin and the presentation with the title of “Past Discoveries and Future Problems” by Prof. Larry Brown aroused much attention and quick responses from the attendants. Presentation with the title of ‘Constraints on Processes from the Electrical Conductivity of the Tibetan Plateau Lithosphere’ by Prof. Alan G. Jones, presentation with the title of ‘Present and Future Works along INDEPTH Lines by Chinese Side’ by Prof. Shi Danian and presentation with the title of ‘Early Cenozoic Thrust in the Tibetan Plateau’ by Prof. Wu Zhenhan are interesting and welcomed by the attendants. On the Workshop, scientists reviewed the past collaborations, exchanged the current advances, and discussed the next program and key scientific issues to be studied in future.
Speakers and Titles of Presentations and Affiliation Information of Speakers

Titles of Presentation
Acad. Wenjin Zhao
Reviews and Prospects of INDEPTH
Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
Prof. Larry D. Brown
Past discoveries and future problems
Cornell Universiy
Prof. Alan G. Johns
Constraints on processes from the electrical conductivity of the Tibetan Plateau lithosphere
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Prof. Shi Danian
Present and Future Works along INDEPTH Lines by Chinese Side
Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences
Prof. Simon Klemperer
An Indepth Look at Tibetan Lithosphere: Progress, Problems and Prospects
Stanford Unviersity
Wide-angle seismic profiling reveals the crustal shear velocity and Poisson's ratio structure beneath the INDEPTH IV profile from NE Tibet to the Qaidam basin
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Germany
Prof. Patrick J. Barosh
Deep, Late? Silurian and Late Oligocene-Early Miocene Thrusts Crossing the INDEPTH-IV Survey Traverse in the Middle Kunlun Mountains, Northern Tibetan Plateau
P. J. Barosh and Associates
Dr. Marianne S. Karplus
Active and passive source seismic imaging of the Kunlun-Qaidam boundary
Stanford Unviersity
Prof. R. Kind
The lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary in China observed with receiver functions and comparison with western United States
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Germany
Prof. Zhenhan Wu
Early Cenozoic thrust in the Tibetan Plateau
Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

At the reception that evening, on behalf of CAGS, Prof. Wang Xiaolie delivered a speech, expressing warm welcome to scientists and officials attending the Workshop and conveying sincere congratulation to the achievements that the scientists have gained during the past 20 years. CAGS will continue its support to Project INDEPTH and other relevant international collaborative projects, offering better conditions to the scientific cooperation between China and foreign countries. The reception was chaired by Prof. Dong Shuwen.

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