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SinoProbe - 2010年12月1日

 SinoProbe is a new Chinese government-funded scientific program with the overall aim of exploring the structure and evolution of the continental crust and lithospheric mantle beneath China. SinoProbe will be carried out using state-of-the-art expertise and methods. These will include the latest geophysical technologies for real-time data acquisition on deep crustal and mantle structures with the highest resolutions currently possible. These data, along with advanced methods of computation and modeling, will allow scientists to address some of the outstanding questions about the deep structures and evolution of the Chinese continental lithosphere.

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The International Continental Scientific Drilling Program - 2010年5月31日

 Human activities, especially through utilization of resources of the Earth's crust are having significant impacts on the global environment. Furthermore, with the increasing global population and the increasing trend to urbanization, notably in coastal areas, there is also greatly increased risk to life and property from earthquake and volcanic activity as well as from other natural hazards and climate change. Knowledge of the composition, structure and evolution of the Earth's crust and of processes which continue to modify it, is, therefore, becoming increasingly important for the wise management of the Earth's resources and environment, consistent with the principles of sustainable development.

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IGCP 589

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Metallogenesis of Collisional Orogens in the East Tethyside Domain

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Acta GeoScientica Sinica S1, 2011 - 2011年2月2日



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Active Fault Survey and Stress Measurement along the Golmud-Lhasa Railway - 2010年12月1日



 Geological Park for petrified wood, Yanqing Beijing Minimize

Geological Park petrified wood, Beijing Yanqing

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